Composer and Sound Designer


Alexi Thomakos is a Brooklyn-based sound designer and composer. He earned a B.A. in Music Composition from Bowdoin College in 2010. Since then, his music and sounds have been used to promote major motion pictures including Red Sparrow and Murder on the Orient Express as well the critically-acclaimed film, Lady Bird. In 2019, Alexi’s work on the TV Spot for the HBO feature film, Native Son, was awarded a Golden Trailer for Best Original Score. Expanding beyond the realm of film advertising, his work has been used in promotional videos by companies including WeWork, Mashable, and Nylon Magazine. His foley, mixing, and sound design work was also featured at MoMA during the fall of 2018. In his free time, Alexi enjoys rock climbing and doing the NY Times crossword.


2019 Golden Trailer Awards

Best Original Score TV Spot (for a Feature Film)
Winner: Native Son, A24, HBO, Giaronomo


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